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Meeting the global challenge with Climate Service UK

Climate Service UK, a new initiative led by the Met Office will provide users with vital information to help them manage exposure to climate variability and change.

Building on the Met Office's expanding knowledge of climate science, ever-improving climate forecasts, and growing understanding of how climate impacts society and the environment, Climate Service UK marks a step-change in the provision of services to assess how a changing climate might affect business and society.

By working in partnership with users to understand vulnerability to weather and climate, the Climate Service UK will support 'climate-smart' decisions to make society more resilient.

Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, said: "Climate Service UK builds on a foundation of world-leading science and I'm sure will become an essential framework for advising on the risks and opportunities of a changing climate."

Furthermore through the provision of climate information and tools, specialist services and expert advice the Met Office will enable well informed decisions to be made by government and business that address the risks and opportunities posed by our changing climate.

Julia Slingo, Met Office Chief Scientist, said: "The volatile weather of 2012 illustrates society's increasing vulnerability and exposure to climate-related hazards. Together with our global network of partners across government, academia and business, we are well placed to rise to the challenge of delivering Climate Service UK that addresses the needs of societies everywhere."

Climate Service UK draws on the national climate capability. This capability, funded in part by Defra and DECC through the Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme, provides the core science needed to inform decisions on climate variability and change.

Recognising that advice is needed worldwide to support decisions on managing exposure to climate variability and change, the World Meteorological Organization has created the Global Framework for Climate Services. Climate Service UK is the Met Office response to this in the UK.

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