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The National Numeracy Challenge

Do you work with people who would benefit from improving their maths skills? Would you like to help shape a major new project aimed at improving numeracy across the UK? A new national charity is asking you to do just that.

In the UK it's common to hear someone say 'I can't do maths' - it has become socially acceptable and unfortunately, for millions of people, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Last week National Numeracy (, a relatively new charity dedicated to improving low levels of numeracy in the UK, began piloting their National Numeracy Challenge. This initiative encouraging individuals to raise their numeracy skills to at least the minimum standard necessary for everyday life. It also wants to see a change in negative attitudes to maths.

UK online centres are supporting National Numeracy in piloting this initiative which runs between 24 June and 12 July when staff and volunteers are invited to take the Challenge.

The Challenge will provide online resources to assess current skills, set goals and support learning with the best available online resources. It will also help learners monitor progress, while improving knowledge and confidence along the way.

The experience of the UK online centres network will be invaluable in developing the Challenge for a full roll-out later in the year, and National Numeracy will really value your feedback. Taking part will give you a sneak preview before mainstream roll-out later in 2013 too!

If you want to try the Challenge for yourself check it out at - you’ll get the chance to give your feedback directly to National Numeracy after taking the challenge.

You could even give the Challenge a go with your learners. It’s all online so provides lots of opportunities to put new digital skills into practice. If you want to try the Challenge with a group of learners, email for more info and your own dedicated access.

We’re really excited to see a new national initiative not only trying to improve skills, but challenging attitudes towards maths too. It’s a great opportunity for the UK online centres network to get involved right at the start, so why not accept the Challenge today?

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