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Welsh Assembly Government updates nature conservation planning advice

The Welsh Assembly Government yesterday Thursday 17 September published new planning guidance on how local planning authorities can allow for continued development while protecting the natural heritage of Wales.

Technical Advice Notice 5 (TAN 5) gives revised guidance on the conservation of internationally and nationally designated sites and habitats. It also:

  • addresses the conservation of protected species, and
  • sets out the key principles of positive planning for nature conservation, including the relevant legal requirements and their impact within the land use planning system.

The revised guidelines bring together advice on the various sources of legislation relevant to nature conservation topics which may be encountered by local planning authorities, both in preparing their development plans and in making decisions on individual developments.

Environment, Sustainability and Housing Minister Jane Davidson said:

“Considerable work has gone into revising this guidance to help local planning authorities and developers in conserving our environment, whilst at the same time allowing continued sustainable development that does not damage our precious natural environment.

"Sustainable development is the key organising principle of the Welsh Assembly Government and we want to make sure development now does not compromise the quality of life of future generations in Wales. Creating the right planning guidelines plays a significant role in this.”

The revised TAN covers:

  • development control issues for internationally and nationally designated sites and habitats
  • development affecting local nature conservation sites, such as local nature reserves
  • advice on nature conservation in respect of the preparation and review of development plans, and
  • the statutory framework for nature conservation and designated sites relevant to land use planning.

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