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GlobalX information services becomes third NLIS licensed channel partner

Land Data, the NLIS regulator, has today announced a third NLIS channel license has been awarded. GlobalX Information Services (GlobalX), the largest provider of electronic land and property searches to the Australian legal community, has been granted the license and joins existing channels SearchFlow and Thames Water in providing authoritative electronic land and property search information through NLIS, to the conveyancing profession.

GlobalX has been providing online access to title searching and other land and property search services for conveyancers via its portal since 1995. The company also offers a broad range of commercial information products as well as owning one of the largest legal practice management software solutions in Australia.

NLIS is the only regulated electronic land and property information process in the market. The NLIS channels operate under strict license agreements which protect the users, clients and the data providers; this creates an environment which is secure, robust and fully supported. NLIS electronically connects essential data providers such as local authorities, water companies and the coal authority via the NLIS Hub to the licensed channels.

Last month the NLIS Hub reduced its transactional fees to channels by 50%. This cost saving will be passed on to conveyancers making the benefits of ordering an electronic search through NLIS even more attractive.

Land Data CEO Jan Boothroyd said: "We are delighted to have GlobalX join us as an NLIS channel and look forward to working together. With GlobalX's wealth of experience as a leading provider of land and property search data for the legal sector in Australia, we are certain they will make a significant contribution as an NLIS channel in England and Wales.”

GlobalX Managing Director, Cameron Beavis is pleased with the company being granted an NLIS channel license.

"The granting of an NLIS channel license offers GlobalX a dual opportunity. Firstly it provides GlobalX's UK operations with immediate access to the broad range of the information products it requires to compete effectively in the UK market without the need for a large fulfillment team on the ground. Secondly, it provides a single source of UK information to deliver to our existing Australian customers in support of our anti-money laundering and international information strategies.

This is an exciting time for GlobalX and we are delighted to be working with Land Data and the NLIS team in delivering our unique business model to the UK information services market.”

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