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Funding small Award size qualifications

In March 2013 we published 'A New Streamlined Funding System for Adult Skills' which contained details of changes to the funding of small qualifications. We announced our intention to only fund small Award size qualifications with a credit value of 3, 6, 9 and 12 from 1 January 2014, with exceptions including some 1 and 2 credit English and mathematics qualifications.

In response to feedback from the sector we are extending these interim arrangements to the whole of the 2013/2014 funding year. From 1 August 2013 until 31 July 2014 the following funding arrangements will apply.

Awards – credit value

Funded amount (£)





3, 4 and 5


6, 7 and 8


9,10, 11




As part of these arrangements we will expect most learners to undertake Award qualifications with a credit value of 3 and above. The exceptions to this are those we have previously indicated – QCF English and mathematics; stand alone qualifications in the areas of first aid at work, food hygiene and health and safety, within the offer for those who are unemployed; or where the qualification may be offered to learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

We understand the value of small award size qualifications however we are concerned about whether they are all of sufficient size to ensure meaningful learning and achievement and to support significant progression and job outcomes. So alongside the extension of these interim arrangements, we will review the position of small qualifications approved for public funding as part of our broader qualifications review work, taking into account the emerging outcomes of the Whitehead Review of Adult Vocational Qualifications announced in 'Rigour and Responsiveness in Skills' (April 2013).