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Minister sets out his vision for a Sustainable Development Bill

Environment and Sustainable Development Minister, John Griffiths, has outlined his plans for a Sustainable Development Bill to 100 representatives from Wales’ public, private and the third sectors. Speaking at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium the Minister went on to ask for contributions to inform the Government’s proposed Bill.

The Welsh Government plans to formally consult on the purpose and extent of a Sustainable Development Bill during 2012 and introduce the Bill to the National Assembly the following year.

The Minister said:

“Wales is one of only a few administrations in the world which has a statutory duty to sustainable development. We now want to strengthen this duty to ensure that sustainable development is absolutely central to our thinking and to that of the broader public sector in Wales. We think it is a vital commitment to make.

“It demonstrates that we will use sustainable development to make better decisions, across all Ministerial portfolios, to help us achieve our ambition of being a truly sustainable nation.

“The Sustainable Development Bill must make a discernable difference to the everyday lives of our citizens, now and in the future. Our approach to sustainability must be relevant to the way in which public services across the board are shaped and delivered in the future.

“To advise, guide and challenge us on this we are also proposing the creation of a new, statutory independent sustainable body to serve Wales. This is a mark of our strong commitment to sustainable development, and this approach helps set us apart as a nation.”

Sustainability as the central organising principle for the Welsh Government means that it:

  • Takes effective, long-term decisions
  • Ensures that the economic, social and environmental issues that enhance people’s quality of life are integrated into everything we do
  • Works in partnership with others to make decisions

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