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Royal Assent for the Digital Economy Bill

Royal Assent for the Digital Economy Bill

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 09 April 2010

The Digital Economy Bill has now been published as the Digital Economy Act 2010, following Royal Assent. The Act includes provisions relating to the UK’s communications infrastructure, public service broadcasting, copyright licensing and online infringement of copyright, and security and safety online and in video games.

Some of the measures in the Act will come into effect immediately with others coming into effect in two months’ time. Many of the Act’s provisions require further public consultation and in some cases approval by Parliament, before they can be implemented.

Notes to Editors:

The online infringement of copyright provisions of the Act will require secondary legislation before they can be implemented.

Contents of the Act

The Act includes provisions regarding:

· OFCOM reports

· Online infringement of copyright

· Powers in relation to internet domain registries

· Channel Four Television Corporation

· Independent television services,

· Independent radio services,

· Access to electromagnetic spectrum

· Video recordings

· Copyright and performers' property rights: penalties

· Public lending right

Commencement of the Act’s provisions

The majority of the Act’s provisions come into effect two months after the Act is published.

Some of the Act's provisions come into immediate effect, including:

· Sections 5-7 regarding the initial obligations code;

· Section 15 regarding the sharing of costs in relation to provisions on online infringement of copyright; and

· Sections 30 to 32 regarding digital radio switchover and renewal of radio licences.

Other provisions come into affect on a date to be appointed by the Secretary of State in secondary legislation.

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