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Publication of the finance bill

Publication of the finance bill

HM TREASURY News Release (30/08) issued by The Government News Network on 27 March 2008

In his Budget statement, the Chancellor set out measures to deliver the Government's objectives of building a strong economy and a fair society, where there is opportunity and security for all. Finance Bill 2008, which enacts many of the Budget measures, is published today. The Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Jane Kennedy, said:

"Today's Finance Bill furthers the progress this Government has made in building a stable, competitive economy that supports a high level of enterprise and growth. Measures in this Bill will contribute to a more sustainable future, and continue to support our goals of fairness and opportunity for all."

The Lobby Notes, published today, briefly describe the clauses and Schedules in the Bill and can be found on the HM Treasury website. More detailed Explanatory Notes on clauses are available from Stationery Office bookshops and also on the HM Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs websites.

Further details on the Bill will be published on the HM Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs websites as the Bill progresses through Parliament.


1. The date of the Second Reading debate in the House of Commons will be announced in due course by the Leader of the House in the usual way.

2. Lobby Notes and Explanatory Notes will be available for each clause and schedule of the Bill. The Notes are being deposited in Parliament, with the authority of Ministers, to provide Parliament with a better understanding of the purpose and effect of the Government's proposals during the passage of the Finance Bill.

3. The Bill and the Explanatory Notes are both published by the Stationery Office and will be available in electronic and paper formats. The Finance Bill is available from Stationery Office bookshops, priced £ 26.50, as are the Explanatory Notes, priced £ 39.50.

4. The Finance Bill is also available from the Parliamentary website The Explanatory Notes and Lobby Notes can also be found on HM Treasury website

5. Impact Assessments are available from the HM Revenue & Customs website

6. Non-media enquiries should be addressed to the HM Treasury Correspondence and Enquiry Unit on 020 7270 4558 or HM Revenue & Customs on 0845 010 9000 or by email to