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UK Border Agency outlines principles for work with stakeholders

The UK Border Agency has today published 'Working in Partnership with Stakeholders', a document outlining some principles to help us, our stakeholders and other partners work together effectively.

The new document (PDF 367KB opens in a new window) updates and revises the joint statement 'Our Relationship with External Stakeholders', which was published in 2006 to provide a general framework for nurturing productive relationships. The joint statement was published following the 2006 review of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (the agency's predecessor), which highlighted the need to improve stakeholder relationships.

This revision is a concise and clear statement describing some helpful behaviours and expectations. It is intended to be a meaningful document for ensuring a consistent approach and assessing the effectiveness of relationships. The core principles are based on our experience of what has and has not been working well, and on feedback from our stakeholders.

We value the wide range of relationships that make it possible for us to benefit from different perspectives, and to share information and expertise. This document will help us work together to achieve the best results for the public.

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