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New food additive regulations increase consumer protection

Regulations published by the European Commission on 12 November should make it easier for food and drink manufacturers and enforcement officers to understand in which foods, and at what levels, additives can be used.

The regulations will add to consumer protection by decreasing the chance of approved additives being used in unauthorised food types or exceeding permitted levels.

A new Annex II of Regulation 1333/2008 on food additives explains systematically what type of foods certain additives are authorised for use in. This regulation applies from 1 June 2013.

An amendment to Annex II, published on the same day, permits the use of steviol glycosides as sweeteners across the European Union.

Steviol glycosides that meet specific purity criteria will be permitted in foods such as soft drinks, confectionary and table-top sweeteners. The amendment also lays down maximum levels.

This amendment will apply from 2 December 2011.

A third piece of legislation published on 12 November, Annex III of Regulation 1333/2008, specifies the food additives approved for use in food additives, enzymes, flavourings and nutrients.


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