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CIPD Law on Tour practical workshops highlight groundbreaking proposals for flexible parental leave rights and offer the latest insight into workplace legislation

A review of family friendly rights and proposals for flexible parental leave will be part of the focus for the Autumn Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) Law on Tour, a series of highly informative, practical workshops exploring new and proposed employment law.

The Tour offers 12 separate workshops between 4 October and 21 October, run by leading employment law experts, Carolyn Carrington, John Fenton and Marco Marenda. They will offer guidance on the latest changes in employment law and significant future options, including a focus on:

Employment tribunal cases – imposing penalties on employers who lose, extending the qualifying period to claim unfair dismissal and charging to make an employment tribunal claim
Family friendly rights – including proposals for a new system of flexible parental leave
Managing without a default retirement age
Employment law review – including TUPE and redundancy legislation

Workshops will help to explain the new obligations and rights which are taken on during the employment relationship, with case study scenarios demonstrating the practical application of the law. Participants will receive user friendly resources, such as comprehensive reference notes, checklists and example letters and procedures that can be used in the workplace.

Mike Emmott, Employee Relations Adviser at CIPD, says: “CIPD believes that the flexible working regulations are a good example of light-touch legislation and we strongly support the Government’s proposal to extend them to all employees. Many employers have anticipated the proposal and are already happy to consider such requests. They see the business benefits of helping employees achieve a better work/life balance.

“CIPD members also support the direction of travel outlined in the flexible parental leave proposals, designed to encourage more equal sharing of parental leave and pay between mothers and fathers. Without such support, it is unlikely that the current division of caring responsibilities will shift.”


Leading employment law experts facilitate the workshops, which include group discussions, case studies and clear presentations. Supporting documentation is also provided to ensure that complex legal issues around employment are explored and communicated effectively.

Dates & Location

The Law on Tour workshops will take place at the following locations:

• Bristol: 4 October 2011
• Birmingham: 5 October 2011
• Manchester: 6 October 2011
• Edinburgh: 7 October 2011
• Leeds: 11 October 2011
• Nottingham: 12 October 2011
• Stansted: 13 October 2011
• London: 14 October 2011
• Cardiff: 18 October 2011
• Oxford 19 October 2011
• London: 20 October 2011
• Southampton: 21 October 2011