National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
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Sir Ian Kennedy presents his report on the value of new innovative health technologies

In February 2009, NICE asked Professor Sir Ian Kennedy to undertake an independent study in response to the views expressed by Sir David Cooksey in his Review and Refresh of Bioscience 2015.

Sir Ian Kennedy was asked to carry out a short study on how NICE establishes the value of innovation, and in particular to make recommendations about what approach should be adopted by NICE to ensure that innovation is properly taken into account when establishing the value of new health technologies. In undertaking the study, Sir Ian Kennedy called for submissions from interested parties, and held a series of workshops to explore the issues with individuals from the healthcare industries, healthcare professionals, the NHS, patients and the wider public. Sir Ian Kennedy’s study was also informed by the views of NICE’s Citizens Council, who considered innovation at its meeting in May 2009.

Sir Ian Kennedy presented his report at the public NICE Board meeting on the 22 July 2009. The report and further information about the study is available on the NICE website at:

Professor Sir Michael Rawlins said: “We are very grateful to Sir Ian for his report on the value of innovation, and for broad confidence he has expressed in NICE and its methods. Since NICE was established we have regularly consulted on our approach to valuing the benefits of new technologies and we welcome the opportunity to focus on innovation. Sir Ian’s report raises a number of issues that NICE will need to consider. NICE’s Board will set out a formal response at its next public Board meeting in September, which will then be the subject of a three-month consultation.”

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