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Human trafficking assessment published

The UK Human Trafficking Centre has published its annual assessment to give an indication of the nature and scale of human trafficking during 2012.

The assessment explores the number of potential victims, their country or origin, exploitation types, recruitment techniques and transport methods.

Information received by the centre suggests that 2,255 potential victims of human trafficking were identified in the UK – an increase of nine per cent compared to the year before – and the two most prevalent exploitation types were sexual and labour.

Liam Vernon, Head of the UKHTC, said: “Investigating human trafficking is a challenge to us all as victims are often kept locked away and unseen by society.

“What this assessment gives us though is a better understanding of the extent of human trafficking. It aims to inform the UK’s response at a government, law enforcement, and non-governmental organisation level.

“The UKHTC will continue to work with its partners to support victims and protect vulnerable members of our society. We need the public to help us too and I urge anyone with information on a potential victim of trafficking to share it with the authorities.”

The UKHTC provides tactical advice to police forces and other law enforcement agencies, and works with a wide range of partners, including NGOs, to support victims of all forms of trafficking. You can find out more about the Centre’s work here.

To download a copy of the assessment click on the following link click here.

Information for members of the public on identifying potential victims of trafficking can be found on The Salvation Army’s website


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