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PwC praises Welsh Government's sustainable success

The Welsh Government is making positive progress with its work to put sustainable development at the heart of everything is does, according to an independent report by PwC.

The report also says that in instances where sustainable development is embedded into Welsh Government policy and decision making, the end result is more effective and efficient.

However, whilst the report recognises the Welsh Government’s progress on sustainable development, it does highlight that there is more work to do if all objectives are to be fully realised.

Speaking about the report, Environment Minister, John Griffiths said:

“I am pleased that this report recognises our progress in embedding sustainable development as our central organising principle, and our work to ensure that our policies and programmes reflect joined up and long term thinking, based on what is best for Wales.

“The report recognises the sustainability of some of our key policies and strategies from across Government. These include our strategic energy performance investment programme, Arbed, our support to the economy, our Climate Change Strategy, our 21st century schools programme, our Child Poverty strategy and our Food Strategy for Wales.  

“I am confident that this cross Government approach really will improve quality of life for people and communities in Wales, now and in the future.”

The report praises the Welsh Government’s efforts to engage positively with a range of organisations on sustainable development, and its Sustainable Development Charter which has now been signed by more than 100 organisations and acts a network for the sharing of best practice on sustainable issues.

It also recognises that sustainable development is not a one off event but a journey and identifies a number of steps that the Welsh Government could take to further progress this work.

The Minister has accepted these next steps and the Welsh Government is already working to progress them.

The Minister said:

“Our commitment to sustainable development promotes economic, social and environmental well being and really will enhance quality of life in Wales.

“It is about defining the long term development path for of our nation. It means healthy productive people, vibrant inclusive communities, a diverse and resilient environment and an advanced and innovative low carbon economy, all of which can only be good news for Wales. “

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