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Royal accolades for enterprising businesses...and individuals

Royal accolades for enterprising businesses...and individuals

DEPARTMENT FOR BUSINESS, ENTERPRISE AND REGULATORY REFORM News Release (QA/04/08) issued by The Government News Network on 21 April 2008

The annual winners and recipients of The Queen's Awards for Enterprise were announced on 21 April, The Queen's birthday. They are the UK's most prestigious accolades for business-related achievement and a total of 139 business Awards and 11 individual Awards have been conferred this year.

This is the fourth year of The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion (QAEP), an Award for individuals who have played an outstanding and significant role in promoting the growth of business enterprise and entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in others. There are ten standard Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Queen's Awards for businesses honour outstanding UK companies. Three Awards go to firms with only three employees and another goes to an international giant that employs 106,200 people. The Awards are made in three separate categories: International Trade, Innovation, and Sustainable Development. Winners include a 106 year old family business that creates and exports exclusive fabric and wallpaper collections, a small company that restores and exports the finest antique violins and cellos, an international design consultancy whose portfolio includes the world's tallest building (Burj Dubai Tower), a web-based service designed to assist farmers manage their herds of dairy cattle, a medical risk assessment system used by providers of travel insurance and the promotion of sustainable development through re-using, recycling and re-manufacturing office furniture.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said:

"Queen's Award winning companies are standard-bearers for the very best of British business. These firms embody the spirit of enterprise and innovation that is so vital to the future of Britain's economy. Whether large or small, every one of this year's winning organisations has achieved outstanding success in its field. I congratulate them all on their diverse and remarkable achievements.

"I also congratulate the individuals receiving The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion. Each of them has played a vital role in helping unlock Britain's entrepreneurial talent. They have given their time and energy to equip others with the skills, knowledge and attitude to succeed as entrepreneurs. I applaud and admire their efforts."

John Hutton, Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform said:

"I congratulate all of this year's Queen's Award-winning businesses and the individuals who are recipients of The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion (QAEP).

"We want more new and growing businesses in the UK and more companies and people acting on their enterprising ideas - and these outstanding Award-winners are all great examples of that.

"I'd urge other British-based businesses which can prove outstanding success to apply for the prestigious Queen's Awards. Winning companies of all sizes as well as individual entrepreneurs are great examples of British business success and it is an accolade I believe all successful businesses should aspire to."

Products and services from winners in the International Trade category range from the design, development and manufacture of luxury powerboats and yachts, 4x4 vehicles and electronic equipment for in-flight entertainment systems that are used primarily on commercial passenger aircraft, production of digital set-top boxes and home entertainment equipment, the
design, manufacture and integration of innovative defence services to counter terrorism, the provision of top quality fresh farmed salmon and a highly specialised service for the disposal of unexploded ordnance and land mine clearance.

Awards in the Innovation category recognise a broad spectrum of outstanding achievement. Products and services include the composing, recording and digitising of 15,000 music tracks and 50,000 sound effects for the television industry, facilities launched to aid customers arrange car sharing, the creation of a revolutionary horse feed made from sugar beet and the development of a system for securing wheelchairs in coaches.

Winners in this year's Sustainable Development category include a business recognised for its continuous achievement in its worldwide delivery of multimedia materials, providing practical information to enable people to reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainable lives, continuous achievement in the provision of fresh-cut fruit, prepared at source, and aimed at maximising the sustainability benefits created for local producers, the production of sustainable construction materials, using power station ash output to manufacture products, including blended cements, grouts and waste stabilisation materials; and providing financial services solely to fair-trade producers.

In the fourth year of The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion (QAEP) a Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Mr John Eversley MBE, Director and Vice-Chair of Tyne and Wear Enterprise Trust Ltd (ENTRUST) who has a thirty year track record of pioneering and supporting enterprise in the North East. Recipients of the QAEP at a standard level are Mr Zulu Ali (Rochdale, Lancs), Mrs Sally Arkley (Coventry), Mr Paul Barry-Walsh (Surrey and Berkshire), Mr Brian Dunsby (Harrogate, North Yorkshire), Mr John Jennens (Banbury, Oxon), Mr Michael Leithrow (Birtley, County Durham), Mr John May (London), Mrs Pamela Neal (Newport, Wales) and Mrs Janette Pallas (Leicester). An honorary Award goes to Dr Nicolas O'Shiel who is a citizen of the Republic of Ireland.

Full listings for both business and individual Awards will be published in a supplement to The London Gazette on Monday 21 April, The Queen's birthday.


The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh continue to take a close interest in these Awards, and will once again be giving an evening Reception at Buckingham Palace for representatives of each organisation winning The Queen's Award for Enterprise (for businesses), and the recipients of The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion and those who nominated them.


The Queen's Awards for Enterprise (for businesses) differ from personal honours because they recognise the achievement of the successful business unit as a whole - management and employees working as a team. Winning businesses are entitled to fly the Award flag and to display the emblem on their letter headings, in advertising, on the packaging of goods produced in this country, on the goods themselves, and on commemorative items for employees such as lapel badges, ties, cuff links and brooches.

An Award is held for a period of five years from the date of its announcement. However, winners can apply for further Awards in different categories within this five-year period. Awards are formally conferred by Grants of Appointment, and are symbolised by the presentation of hand-made crystal glass bowls on behalf of The Queen by Lords Lieutenants. These presentations are normally made at ceremonies held at winners' main premises, attended by staff, key suppliers and customers.

The Queen's Award to Industry, the scheme's original title, was instituted by Royal Warrant in 1966. The recommendations of a review in 1975 led to the scheme becoming The Queen's Awards for Export and Technology, with separate Awards for outstanding achievement in each field. The Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement was added in 1992. Following the review in 1999, chaired by HRH The Prince of Wales, the three separate Awards were replaced and are now known generically as 'The Queen's Awards for Enterprise' with three broad-based business categories: International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development.

A table showing the number of business applications received and Awards made over the past five years is attached at Annex A.


Information about the recipients are attached at Annex B.

On 14 July 2004 it was announced that The Queen had approved an additional Award for Enterprise. This is for individuals and is called 'The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion', to recognise and reward people who have played an outstanding and significant role in promoting the growth of business enterprise and/or entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in others.

There are up to 10 Awards granted each year plus one Lifetime Achievement Award if an appropriate candidate is nominated. Recipients will receive a hand-made engraved crystal glass chalice and a Grant of Appointment and will be invited to an evening Reception at Buckingham Palace.

If someone has made a truly outstanding contribution, over 10 years or more, they can be considered for a Lifetime Achievement Award. This Award may not be granted every year.

The Queen makes the Awards on the advice of the Prime Minister who is assisted by an Enterprise Promotion Assessment Committee. The Committee comprises representatives of business organisations (Business in the Community, the CBI and Enterprise Insight) and Government Departments and Agencies (HM Treasury, the Department for Children, Schools and Families, the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Learning and Skills Council) as well as an academic working in the enterprise field. People must be nominated for the Award. They may be nominated by colleagues, beneficiaries of their work or other business or personal associates.


The deadline for applications for the 2009 Awards is 31 October 2008. Winners and recipients will be announced on 21 April 2009. More information about the Awards is also available on the website:

With effect from 21 April 2008, it will be possible to apply online for a Queen's Award for Enterprise, whether it be for a 2009 business Award or for the Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion (for individuals). It will be possible to access an online application/nomination form via The Queen's Awards website ( Alternatively, for those that would prefer a hard-copy application/nomination form, these can be obtained by contacting The Queen's Awards mailing house (Tel: 08705 134486).

Businesses can apply for The Queen's Awards for Enterprise in one or more of three categories - International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development.

Individuals can be nominated for The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion, which recognises people who have played an outstanding and significant role in promoting the growth of business enterprise and/or entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in others.

Separate background and guidance notes and information on the application/nomination process for both businesses and individuals can be found on The Queen's Awards website at

The Queen's Awards emblem and other relevant images can be downloaded in hi-res Jpeg format from The Queen's Awards image archive at

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Year   International Trade  Innovation   Sustainable   Total
      2004                   280         295           162     737
      2005                   337         298           154     789
      2006                   351         344           144     839
      2007                   307         260           116     683
      2008                   354         305           143     802 


The number of Awards has varied from year to year, reflecting variations in the number and quality of applications.

Year    International Trade  Innovation    Sustainable   Total
      2004                     66          39              7     112
      2005                     88          41              8     137
      2006                     90          48              7     145
      2007                     71          40              8     119
      2008                     85          42             12     139 

ANNEX B - The Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion: details


Mr John Eversley MBE
Director and Vice-Chair, Tyne and Wear Enterprise Trust Ltd (ENTRUST),

John Eversley has a thirty-year track record of pioneering and supporting enterprise in the North East following the decline of the coal and shipbuilding industries. He led the inception of Tyne and Wear Enterprise Trust and catalysed a partnership of the NE Development Company with regeneration agencies. Mr Eversley led the way with a public private partnership to develop work spaces, started a Loan Fund for entrepreneurs who could not get bank support and persuaded a company to provide premises specially adapted for disabled entrepreneurs. He was involved in establishing Graduate Business Solutions and a new Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme.

Mr Eversley received an MBE in 1992 for his work as Director and General Manager of Entrust.


Mr Zulfiqar Ali
Chairman, Reach BCS, Rochdale, Lancashire

Zulf Ali has drawn on his business experience in both Celltek Communications and Reach BCS, both leading technology companies, to influence regeneration and enterprise in the deprived area of Rochdale. Mr Ali helps members of the local ethnic community to gain enterprise skills and to set up their own businesses. He is seen locally as a role model and uses this position to address and motivate young people. He has supported over 100 start-up ethnic minority businesses and mentored many individuals.

Mr Ali worked with local universities and the Kashmir Youth Project to develop an "Enterprise for All" course and established an annual business awards event. He has also played a key role in developing and launching the Unique Enterprise Centre, which provides managed workspace units, conference and training facilities for the local community.

Mrs Sally Arkley
Managing Director, Women's Business Development Agency, Coventry, Warwickshire

Sally Arkley is the Managing Director of the Women's Business Development Agency, which she has grown from a local women's advice organisation into a nationally recognised social enterprise helping women (including schoolchildren), refugees and ethnic minorities. Mrs Arkley has researched and implemented a range of tailored advice, counselling, training and business growth packages for women. She has raised the profile of women in business locally, regionally in the West Midlands and the South West, nationally through voluntary membership of high profile committees and internationally.

Ms Arkley's voluntary activities include Chair of Prowess, the UK-wide Association supporting women into business, and Director of the West Midlands Regional Women's Enterprise Unit. She has broadened her clientele to include men in deprived areas, ethnic minorities and refugees.

Mr Paul Barry-Walsh
Chairman, Fredericks Foundation, Lightwater, Surrey and
Chairman, Netstore plc, Reading, Berkshire

Paul Barry-Walsh is a successful entrepreneur and multi-millionaire in the IT sector who set up the Fredericks Foundation in 2001, a registered charity to provide start-up support, loan finance and mentoring for those in financial hardship including the unemployed, single parents, ex-offenders and disabled people. He devotes two days a week to the charity, which has triggered 500 start-ups with 69% of the businesses still trading. He has helped others, such as former employees, with time and finance to start up businesses.

Mr Barry-Walsh is also voluntary Chairman of Slivers of Time, a social enterprise providing a market place for buyers and sellers of working time. He takes personal risks to help fledgling businesses.

Mr Brian Dunsby
Principal, Perlex Associates, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Brian Dunsby is a successful entrepreneur who has helped other entrepreneurs to start-up and grow their businesses and who has raised the professionalism of small business advisers. Much of his involvement in enterprise promotion has been at personal cost or business risk.

He became Chief Executive of the Institute of Business Advisers in 1992. In 1999 Mr Dunsby was elected a Director of the International Council of Small Business and organised their World Conference in 2003.

From 2001-2006, he was elected to the Governing Body of the World Association of SMEs. In 2001, he was elected a Director of the UK Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship and has organised their annual International Entrepreneurship Conferences for 2004-2008. Mr Dunsby also organises Harrogate Chamber of Trade and Commerce on a voluntary basis.

Mr John Jennens
Business Counsellor, Oxfordshire Business Enterprise, Banbury, Oxfordshire

John Jennens, a retired businessman, has acted as a Business Counsellor for Oxfordshire Business Enterprise for the last 11 years, mainly on a voluntary basis. He has offered general business advice, including marketing and sales training and business planning. In this period he has mentored, advised and assisted more than 1,000 clients, some from deprived communities around Oxford. Mr Jennens has continued to provide help and advice, again on a voluntary basis, to individuals with whom he dealt during the previous ten-year period working for the DTI Small Business Service, Enterprise Initiative and two local Training and Enterprise Councils.

Mr Michael Leithrow
Executive Director and General Manager, Northern Pinetree Trust, Birtley, County Durham

Michael Leithrow, when working with Komatsu UK some 20 years ago, was instrumental in setting up the Northern Pinetree Trust as a social enterprise and registered charity dedicated to helping the most seriously disadvantaged in the North East.

Since 2002, Mr Leithrow has been its General Manager and provides a range of services to its target clientele, including people with a broad range of disabilities, offenders, ex-offenders, the long-term sick and those with mental health problems, to assist them to consider and to start up businesses. The services provided include enterprise awareness, business counselling and support, grants and bursaries, access to specialised loan funds, including the Spirit of Enterprise Loan Fund, reviews of personal finance and benefits evaluation, test trading, business and management training, basic IT training, access to adaptive IT aids and assistive technology.

Mr John May
Chief Executive, Career Academies UK, London

John May is the founding employee and Chief Executive of Career Academies UK, a national educational charity which raises the enterprise skills and career aspirations of 16 to 19 year olds. The programme brings business support into the mainstream of young people's studies as part of a two-year, nationally accredited course.

The participating students, who are largely from deprived inner city areas, undertake six-week business internships, from which they learn and practise a range of enterprise skills and attitudes.

Mr May trains schools and colleges to form their own Career Academy local advisory board of business leaders. He has steered the Career Academy movement to a network of over 65 schools and colleges, which share best practice.

Mrs Pamela Neal
Mentor and Workshop Facilitator, CODA Business Management Ltd, Newport, Wales

Pamela Neal has developed a reputation, which sets her apart from her peers in providing mentoring support to young people in a predominantly rural and disadvantaged area of North Wales. In the last five years she has mentored over 400 individuals, of whom 200 have gone on to start successful companies. Although Mrs Neal is paid as a Mentor and Workshop Facilitator through a Welsh Assembly funded programme, half of her mentoring activity is provided on a voluntary basis. She also helps the educational institutions with whom she works to develop, establish and manage enterprise training programmes and is seen as a role model by peers and managers alike.

Mrs Neal focuses on young people, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, including those with dyslexia.

Mrs Janette Pallas
Business Incubation and Enterprise Manager, De Montfort University, Leicester

Janette Pallas has been involved in enterprise promotion since she was a self-employed Business Counsellor in 1990, through various roles with Business Links and Enterprise Agencies to her current employment. She joined De Montfort in 2006 and has led her team to achieve the largest number of graduate start-up businesses in the East Midland region.

Mrs Pallas carried out a wide range of voluntary activities becoming a Board Member of the Pathfinder Trust in rural NW Leicestershire in 2000. In 2005, Mrs Pallas was the voluntary founder Director of Ivanhoe Enterprise Solutions Ltd, a new enterprise agency for the North and West of Leicestershire.

Janette Pallas had had an impact on students, schoolchildren, those with disabilities, women, and those in rural deprived areas as well as social enterprises.


Dr Nicholas O'Shiel
Director and Chief Executive, Omagh Enterprise Company Ltd, Omagh

Nicholas O'Shiel, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, has made a substantial contribution to the promotion of enterprise, potential entrepreneurs, social enterprises and small business development from the basis of his position as Director and Chief Executive of the Omagh Enterprise Company, both as mentor and role model. He has also been instrumental in developing and implementing numerous enterprise programmes for disadvantaged communities, women and young people in business start-up/growth/innovation, technology innovation and loan funds. Although his focus has been from an Omagh perspective, his influence has been felt more widely in Northern Ireland through his numerous voluntary activities, in particular founding and participating in the Omagh Business Forum and the 2010 Taskforce.

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