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Survey indicates public worried and confused about NHS

Responding to the survey results on 12 June, NHS Confederation chief executive Mike Farrar said: "It would appear very likely that much of this worry and confusion about the NHS relates to the understanding and support for the recent reforms. 
Important to engage with the public
"It is really important that politicians and NHS leaders are engaging the public in the major debate about the NHS and how we need to change in order to sustain and improve the services they have come to expect and value over recent years. Any drop in confidence in the service or confusion about the nature of current reform is therefore troubling. 
Public perception and confidence
“Over the coming months, it is going to be more important than ever that the Government and the NHS communicate effectively the financial and service challenges we face. 
“The NHS has got to respond to massive financial pressure and the changing nature of health and social care in a way that takes patients and the public with us. 
“It will be much harder to make the changes to services necessary if public perception and confidence deteriorates.”
Survey results
Visit the King's Fund website for detailed results of its Public satisfaction with the NHS and its services survey. 

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