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Can you help us identify examples of sustainable economic wellbeing?

We want your examples of projects which have contributed to improved sustainable economic wellbeing.

We believe work to improve an area should impact on the economic wellbeing of local communities and the individuals that live in them, as well as the traditional targets of economic and productivity growth.

Many smaller, often rural, authorities are already pursuing economic wellbeing. We want to identify and promote these projects in order to encourage the understanding and delivery of economic wellbeing.

We're developing a set of case studies to share good practice with local authorities across England and encourage the understanding and delivery of economic wellbeing.

So what is a sustainable economic wellbeing project? We're looking for projects with an economic starting point or objective, but  which also have objectives and outcomes beyond the traditional productivity indicators of economic development (enterprise, employment, skills, investment and competition).

An example is Healthy Boxes in Penwith: a locally sourced food box scheme which has established a new supply chain for farmers, provides employment for individuals with learning difficulties and healthy eating options to individuals within deprived neighbourhoods.

Find out more about the project and how to submit your examples

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