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The Walton Centre is authorised by Monitor to become an NHS foundation trust

Monitor, the independent regulator for NHS foundation trusts confirmed the following foundation trusts will be authorised from 1 August 2009:

  • The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

The announcement means there are now 122 NHS foundation trusts in total, of which 36 are mental health NHS foundation trusts.

Having achieved NHS foundation trust status these trusts will benefit from a variety of new freedoms:

  • they are free from central government control and are able to decide how to improve their services;
  • they can retain any surpluses they generate to invest in new services, and can borrow money to support these investments; and 
  • they are accountable to their local communities; local people can become members and governors.

These freedoms mean NHS foundation trusts can better shape their healthcare services around local needs and priorities and the requirements of their primary care trusts.

Notes to editors

  1. For media enquiries please contact Michael Moruzzi on 020 7340 2438.
  2. Monitor authorises and regulates NHS foundation trusts ensuring they are well-managed and financially viable in order to deliver high quality healthcare for patients.
  3. Monitor was established in January 2004. It is independent of government and accountable to Parliament. Monitor’s functions and powers are set out in the National Health Service Act 2006.

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