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Reform of Department of Health Public Bodies

Reform of Department of Health Public Bodies

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 14 October 2010

A Department of Health review of Advisory Non-Departmental Public Bodies (ANDPBs) has set out the future of forty health-related public bodies, as part of a cross-Government review led by the Cabinet Office.

The review is part of the Government’s drive to increase the transparency and accountability of public services and reduce their number and cost. It examined the committees, groups and panels which provide expert advice to Government.

Forty Department of Health bodies were included and the future of nine of these has already been announced as part of the Department of Health’s Arm’s Length Body Review in July. The changes announced today to the Department’s ANDPBs will be in place from 2012. Changes to previously announced Arm’s Length Bodies may take longer, but all are expected to be in place by 2013/14.

A number of the ANDPBs will have their status changed to that of a committee of experts. This preserves the independent expert advice given to the Department and also reduces the level of administration associated with the body, for example on reporting and making public appointments.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said:

“Today’s changes continue our work to increase the accountability and transparency of public services, as well as ensuring that the advisory mechanisms we have are fit for purpose. The bodies who provide essential independent advice to the department will continue to do so, but they will be streamlined and made more accountable so that they operate in the most cost effective way.

“We will continue to support the organisations involved through this period of transition, ensuring we continue to get the highest quality independent advice from experts to inform policy decisions.”

A full list of the organisations and their futures is below. (The items with a * have been previously announced in the Department of Health Arm’s Length Body Review)

To view the tables that accompany this release, please follow the link below;

Notes to Editors

An Advisory Non-Departmental Public Body is a body which has an advisory role in the processes of national Government, but is not a Government Department or part of one.

Further information on the previous announcement on the Department’s Arm’s Length Body Review can be found here:

An Arm’s Length Body, or Executive Non-Departmental Public Body, is the same as above, except it always has a statutory remit and the executive element means it can carry out and implement advice given.


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