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Ask our Chief Executive Alan Davey a question in our live chat on 28 November

Arts Council England's Chief Executive Alan Davey will be answering your questions in our next online live chat at 12 noon on Wednesday 28 November.

If you would like to know more about Alan's view on the changes the Arts Council is going through, or simply have a burning desire to find out who his favourite artist is, now's your chance. 

To take part, visit our website on the morning of the event itself where we will post a link to the chatroom and a link to our live blog for those who want to observe only.

You can submit questions in advance now via our Facebook page and Twitter using the #ACElivechat hashtag, or by emailing

This is the fourth in a series of regular live chats in which we invite our audience to talk with key representatives from the Arts Council to find out more about what we do, and how we are spending public money to achieve our mission of 'great art for everyone'.

Transcripts from previous live chats are available to download from the transparency section of our website where you can also find out more about our ongoing drive to become a more open, transparent and accountable public body.

Find out more about our series of online live chats.

Read about how we are a transparent organisation.

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