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Supermeals helping people in Wales eat better on a budget

Change4Life is sending out thousands of free recipe brochures to help people in Wales plan and cook healthy evening meals that won’t break the bank.

Welsh Health Survey figures reveal that around a third of children are classified as overweight or obese, and the Change4Life Supermeals recipe brochure has been created to provide 14 days worth of easy-to-make, healthy, inexpensive evening meals.

The bilingual Supermeals brochure is the latest element of Change4Life, the nationwide movement to help everyone eat well, move more and live longer.

Everyone already registered with Change4Life in Wales will receive a Supermeals brochure through the post this week and anyone new who registers with Change4Life online at www.wales.gov.uk/change4life before Friday 10 February will also be sent the brochure.

The Whistance family from Pontnewydd, Cwmbran, are taking up the Supermeals challenge to follow the recipe booklet for a fortnight. Parents Tania and Mark Whistance want to join Change4Life to receive the booklet so that the family can get healthier together and increase variety while keeping within budget.

Tania, who has nine-year-old twins Aislyn and Ieuan, said:

“We have become stuck in our ways when it comes to evening meals and tend to have the same meals each week, so it’ll be nice to try new recipes. Although we are trying to economise at the moment our evening meals tend to cost about £10 for the family, so it’ll be great to have recipes costing around £5.

“At the supermarket I’m usually attracted to promotions which mean we end up with a lot of waste. The shopping list near the back of the booklet means we know what we need to buy, so trips to the supermarket shouldn’t be too complicated.”

Welsh Health Survey figures also reveal that only 51 per cent of children eat vegetables on a daily basis, so each recipe includes fresh vegetables to help families meet the recommended ‘five a day’ target. The meals also help to boost fibre intake, manage portion sizes and can be created for just £1.25 per head.

Wales’ Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Sara Hayes, said:

“Parents have cited expensive ingredients, and a lack of planning and knowledge of wholesome meals as barriers to being able to keep their families healthy. The Supermeals booklet solves these problems by providing easy-to-follow recipes, with easily-accessible and reasonably-priced ingredients and a shopping list to make it easier to plan trips to the supermarket.”

Adults registering with Change4Life for the Supermeals planner will also receive personalised tips by email over a six week period with simple steps to making diet healthier and becoming more active.  New families signing up will receive a personalised action plan.

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