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Consultation on new food body for Scotland

The Scottish Government has launched a 12-week consultation seeking views on the roles, responsibilities and functions of the new food safety body that is to be established in Scotland to replace the Food Standards Agency.

Following the Scudamore review of the functions of the Food Standards Agency in Scotland, the Scottish Government announced in June 2012 that it would create a new Scottish body for food safety, food standards, nutrition, food labelling and meat inspection.

The consultation is an opportunity for consumers, and industry, to tell the Scottish Government what functions that they think the new food body should be responsible for, and how food safety and standards should be addressed in the future.

For details of the consultation, see the link on the right of this story.

The Scottish Government has, in addition, asked former chief vet Jim Scudamore to lead an expert group to consider lessons learned from recent incidents of horse DNA being found in beef products. The group have been asked to recommend improvements in the food safety regime that can be made quickly, ahead of the creation of the new body.

Parallel to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the scope and powers of the new food body in Scotland, the FSA has issued a 12-week consultation proposing the establishment of three new legal powers for possible inclusion in the New Food Body Bill. More on this consultation can be found at the link below.

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