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Business Plan for 2007-08

Monitor has published its Business Plan for 2007-08, a copy is attached for your information.

The Business Plan 2007-08 builds on our Corporate Plan 2006-09, refining our overall goals to reflect our experience over the past year, and setting our detailed agenda for the coming year.

In making progress towards our goals, our focus in 2007-08 will be on:

· establishing the management structure, systems, processes and people to operate the compliance regime and intervention framework for up to 200 NHS foundation trusts;

· ensuring that our assessment capacity is used effectively to make as much progress as possible towards an all foundation trust model for the NHS;

· working with partners, to promote the development of NHS foundation trusts, including continuing to support and pilot service line management and developing the approach to quality management and governance;

· influencing the development of a devolved healthcare system including wider regulatory regime, payment by results, contracting, and competition policy to ensure the framework is effective for autonomous providers;

· increasing understanding of the role and contribution of NHS foundation trusts and Monitor in the health environment; and

· building Monitor’s internal capacity as a high-performing organisation, adopting a coaching culture and clearly setting out expected behaviours.

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For more information contact:

Michael Moruzzi, External Relations Officer    


Direct Line: 020 7340 2438  

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