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Latest Recruit Trainee Survey released

Latest Recruit Trainee Survey released

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE News Release (248/2008) issued by COI News Distribution Service. 6 November 2008

The latest Armed Forces recruit trainee survey, which has been published since 2005, has been released today, Thursday 6 November, on the MoD website as part of the Department's commitment to open reporting of the views of service personnel.

The surveys are one of a range of methods the MoD and Armed Forces employ to understand areas of success and concern during initial training.

The latest statistics show:

89 per cent percent of Armed Forces recruits would recommend joining up to their friends and families.

88 percent of recruits felt they personally benefited from the course and 87 percent said their training gave them a sense of achievement;

There was a small rise in recruits who felt they had been badly or unfairly treated, up from 9% to 12%.

The survey, which uses data collected between October 2006 and November 2007, compiles views from 14,000 recruits in phase 1, and 11,000 phase 2 trainees, on a range of topics from food and accommodation to recreation activities.

Minister for Armed Forces Bob Ainsworth said:

"These surveys offer a useful snapshot of perceptions from the training environment. They help the Armed Forces target issues that concern our people and ensure changes in policy and new initiatives. This ensures the Services remain a top quality employer and that our recruits receive world class training.

"We do not tolerate poor behaviour of any kind in the Armed Forces. We recognise it has a negative impact on both individuals and teams.

"We are constantly improving our processes, for example, at the beginning of this year we made a number of changes to the service complaints procedure, including the introduction of an independent Service Complaints Commissioner."

Air Commodore Tim Winstanley, Director of Training and Education at the MoD said:

"The Armed Forces are training their people for service in the some of the harshest and most dangerous environments - this requires an appropriate degree of toughness in the training process.

"We have an obligation to put recruits through robust, safe and fair training regimes in order that they are as prepared as they can be to undertake the responsibilities that being in the Services places upon them. This means that the majority of recruits, who thrive in training, will go on to make up the best Armed Forces in the world."

Notes to Editors

1. The Recruit Trainee Survey has been published today on the MoD website

2. The views of recruits and trainees are requested as they pass through Phase 1, initial recruit training, and Phase 2, trade and specialist training. The survey is designed to capture their views on a range of topics in order to provide an insight into how well they feel they were prepared to undertake training, and points relating to accommodation, food and welfare.

3. Training units receive regular reports from MORI which they use as part of the continuous improvement process. Service training headquarters and MOD also use the output from the survey to check on the impact of policy as part of the feedback mechanism.

4. In reporting the year 06/07 and in order to present a year on year comparative analysis where relevant, the report is divided into findings from Phase 1 training by School and Phase 2 training findings presented by Service. This change better reflects the fact that trainees are likely to undertake Phase 2 training in a number of locations which are now run on a Tri-Service basis. The reformatting of the report this year has led to a delay in preparation which meant it was not ready for publication prior to the Parliamentary summer recess.

5. This survey is administered independently by MORI on behalf of the Services and the annual report was completed in August 08.

6. Certain results are not statistically significant as a comparison with previous year's results, due to different sample sizes and stages of training.

7. For further information please contact Rebecca Young or Hannah Fletcher at the MoD press office on 020 7218 7924 or visit

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