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UK has top internet economy

New research has shown that the UK has the strongest internet economy of any G20 country  - with 13.5% of all purchases in the country being made online in 2010. The country's 'internet economy' was worth £121bn - a huge £2000 per person!

The study, conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), also suggested that 8.5% of the British economy is associated with the internet, again higher than any other major economy and this is predicted to expand twice as fast as the US and China, accounting for £221bn by 2016

This is a really positive sign for the future of the economy, and shows the huge benefits the internet has to offer. And these benefits aren't just felt by large economies - research from PwC has shown that households can save between £500 and £1500 a year just by being online.

With the whole country benefiting from the online boom - and lots of households making significant savings - it's more important than ever that everyone can access the internet, and no-one is left behind.

So, while we're delighted to see the UK leading the charge to a truly digital economy, at UK online centres we're committed to helping the final 8.2 million offline people in the country to take advantage of the benefits that many of us take for granted. We believe that by doing this, we'll truly be a digital nation.

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