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NHS Confederation - Are the NHS reforms working?

The NHS Confederation has recently (8 November) launched a member survey to assess how effectively new NHS structures and arrangements are working, following their formal introduction on 1 April.

System-wide view

The survey examines whether the 'new' system is supporting local decision making, integration and service redesign, and will provide a system-wide view of the effectiveness of the reforms.

Major changes

It comes just over six months after the formal establishment of the 'new' NHS on 1 April, which ushered in major changes to the health service and introduced a raft of new national and local bodies.

Policies and behaviours

Results from the survey will inform the Confederation's work to influence the policies and behaviours of national bodies and the Department of Health in the coming months.

The findings will also form part of the evidence base for the organisation's 2015 Challenge, which challenges politicians, the NHS and the public to enable much-needed change to happen in the post-election period.

Working? Effective?

The Confederation is keen to hear member's views; the survey will take no more than 15 minutes to complete and is open until Friday 29 November. If you are a member, please spare a few moments to share your thoughts.

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