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Diabetes UK launches unique pension comparison service

Diabetes UK has launched a unique annuity comparison service aiming to give people with diabetes the very best deal on their pensions, without any need for a GP assessment.

We are urging people approaching retirement to act now to find the best possible deal as retirement income from pension plans has slumped by a third in the last five years.

Pension income is provided through an 'annuity' which can be purchased at any time from the age of 55, and people with diabetes may benefit from annuities at special rates.

Innovative service

People approaching retirement with a typically sized pension fund of up to £40,000 do not have to just accept the pension they are offered by their pension company, but at the moment many people do not shop around. We believe that many people are missing out, as once an annuity is chosen the decision cannot be reversed.

Diabetes UK Insurance Services has worked in partnership with Heath Lambert Private Clients to provide access to an innovative online annuity comparison service, which could save people money in their retirement. Heath Lambert has worked out quotes for people with diabetes which show potential improvement of up to 30% on retirement income.

Help raise valuable revenue

Peter Hallett of Diabetes UK said, "The comparison site is free, simple to use and allows people to find the best option to suit their needs. There are ten questions to answer, and there is no need to have a GP assessment.

"For the next three months, Diabetes UK will be the only medical charity to have access to the service. As well as helping people find the best option for their retirement, the comparison service also raises valuable revenue for Diabetes UK, as a percentage of any income earned by Heath Lambert Private Clients will be given to the charity at no additional cost to the person."

Find out more about the Diabetes UK/Heath Lambert Private Clients annuity service.

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