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EU food labelling proposals need backbone

European health ministers have agreed a compromise deal on how information is provided to shoppers on food packaging.

Under European Council proposals food companies and supermarkets will be able to pick and choose how they present information to shoppers about what is in their food, providing it meets certain criteria.

The BHF believes the proposals are disappointing and the current confusion of food labelling systems in the UK will continue.

Betty McBride, our Policy & Communications Director, said:

“Research has shown that consumers are confused enough already by all the different food labelling systems and this limp compromise won’t help anyone. We need someone, somewhere to show some backbone on this issue.

We need someone, somewhere to show some backbone on this issue.

“Food companies should be made to put nutritional information on the front of packs, not hidden away on the back or side.

“We’re calling on our MEP’s to take this opportunity to strengthen these proposals and ensure that food companies and supermarkets use independent evidence to show that the labelling system they use is easy to understand and doesn’t mislead consumers.”


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