Higher Education Funding Council England (HEFCE)
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Continuing commitment to corporate social responsibility

HEFCE has recently published its fourth annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, and an updated CSR policy.

The CSR report and CSR policy highlight our continuing commitment to achieving lower carbon emissions, less waste, and increased levels of recycling. The CSR report shows how we have done in the past 12 months and in previous years, while the CSR policy sets out our overall aims, key activities and targets.

The data show that HEFCE has reduced total carbon emissions and waste, and is recycling more. Most significantly, it has reduced carbon emissions from business travel, by 42 per cent since 2002-03. Over half of staff (55 per cent) now commute to work by sustainable modes of transport; we are now recycling 62 per cent of our waste arisings compared with 17.3 percent in 2002-03; and we have reduced waste by 29 per cent.

We encourage staff to broaden their experience and skills via volunteering and fundraising. This may be one reason why HEFCE has been ranked this year in the top 100 companies in the Sunday Times ‘Best Places to Work in the Public Sector and Charities' list.

Also, thanks to the efforts of staff, HEFCE has achieved recertification to ISO14001. This international environmental management system standard enables us to ensure that our key environmental impacts are identified and managed, and that we comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

HEFCE's corporate social responsibility report and policy

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