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World’s nations gather for nuclear conference

The Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was opened at the UN headquarters in New York this week.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Conference President Libran Cabactulan and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the conference.

The Conference will run for four weeks, concluding on 28 May.  During the first week, the 189 parties to the Treaty are able to set out their  positions in relation to nuclear weapons and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon called on the parties to work towards a successful conference, and highlighted emerging signs of progress such as the new START agreement between the US and Russia and the recent Nuclear Security Summit. The EU High Representative, Baroness Ashton, delivered a statement on behalf of the European Union. Read the full statement here.

The NPT, which is widely seen as the cornerstone of the international non-proliferation regime, entered into force in 1970 and a Review Conference aimed at reviewing the operation of the Treaty is held every five years. Over the next four weeks, representatives of 189 parties to the NPT, including the UK, will discuss the three pillars of the Treaty: nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

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