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Streamlining the MoD's Head Office

Streamlining the MoD's Head Office

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE News Release (247/2007) issued by The Government News Network on 23 October 2007

More resources will be released to the front line by streamlining the MoD's Head Office to ensure it is as efficient as possible.

The Streamlining programme will simplify the MoD's organisation and work, ensuring the Ministry is focused on strategic tasks and better able to respond to priorities. Other parts of defence have undergone similar reforms.

At least £50 million of ongoing savings which can be reinvested in operations will be released per year by reducing the Head Office staff by 25 per cent. This means the loss of around 1,000 civilian jobs and 300 military posts. The scale of reductions in military posts will not require redundancies.

Defence Secretary Des Browne said:

"This package of measures will radically change the way the MoD works. It will make the department more agile and better able to respond to the needs of those on operations. Operations are rightly where the focus of the MoD should be.

"Ministers, Chiefs of Staff and our most senior officials will lead this process by example and with greater direct accountability for areas and budgets."

Notes to editors:

1. This programme will be implemented over two to three years.

2. The 300 Service posts to be cut from Head Office will release funds, which can then be allocated to other priorities in Defence. Service personnel made 'surplus' from Head Office will be available to fill gaps elsewhere across Defence such as on operations.

3. These proposals will be subject to formal consultation with the Trades Unions commencing 23 October 2007.

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