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Future for teacher employment

Plans to support teachers to improve learning outcomes for children and young people have been announced.

In response to the McCormac review of teaching employment, the Scottish Government intends to:

  • create a new masters level qualification to replace the Chartered Teacher scheme
  • introduce a refreshed system of professional review for teachers
  • give further, careful consideration to the role of external experts in schools

Speaking in Parliament, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Michael Russell said:

“Teachers have a fundamental role in nurturing and supporting the development of our children and young people. I recognise the high standards and achievements of our teachers and our pupils, but at the same time we need to be ambitious for our education system and young people.

“We should aspire to a vision of teaching as a masters level profession and we will do so by building on the Chartered Teacher scheme. I have therefore set the National Partnership Group the task of bringing forward proposals to deliver opportunities for teachers to work towards masters level qualifications. Chartered Teachers and those in the process of becoming Chartered Teachers should be given credit for the work that they have already undertaken and will be among the first to access these opportunities for masters qualifications.

“We want to achieve a strong, confident and reflective professional teaching workforce. Professor McCormac recommends that a refreshed system of Professional Review and Personal Development (PRPD) should be introduced, reinforcing the recommendations from Graham Donaldson’s review into teacher education. I have therefore asked the National Partnership Group to work with GTCS to take forward the recommendations related to professional development.

“I have listened to stakeholder opinion on the issue of external experts. There is broad agreement on the positive opportunities that employers, the local community, universities, colleges and others can bring into schools, but there are also concerns. We will therefore take forward a measured approach. To start this process I have therefore asked Education Scotland to consider the current arrangements, identify best practice and recommend whether further safeguards or guidance are required in this area.”

The review of teacher employment was established in January 2011 to consider the current arrangements for teacher employment in Scotland and make recommendations designed to secure improved educational outcomes for our children and young people.

The review was chaired by Professor Gerry McCormac and operated independently of Government. The review report, ‘Advancing Professionalism in Teaching’ made 34 recommendations and was published on September 13, 2011.

The recommendations in the McCormac review that relate to the pay and conditions for teachers are the responsibility of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT). The SNCT has agreed a plan, including a clear timetable for consideration of these recommendations.

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