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Plans to manage increased risk of flooding in Wales announced

New plans for managing the growing risk of flooding and coastal erosion within Wales have been launched by Environment Minister Jane Davidson.

The plans respond to climate change predictions which indicate that changes to rain fall patterns and rising sea levels will significantly increase the risk of flooding in Wales in the future.

Environment Minister Jane Davidson said:

“We know that one in six properties in Wales is already at risk from flooding, and climate change predictions suggest that this number is set to increase.  

“Images of the devastation that flooding can cause have been all to present in the media over recent year and this growing risk means that it is more important than ever for householders to take action to protect their properties from the threat of flooding.  

“However there is also a key role for the Welsh Assembly Government to play in ensuring that adequate funding is made available for flood defences and that such money is targeted to the areas that need it most.

“We must also ensure that when flooding does strike there is an effective and co-ordinated response from authorities  that offers real benefit and assistance to those affected.

“The consultation that I am launching today sets out  our proposals for  how we can best manage the increased risk of flooding over the years to come.”

The National Strategy for flood and coastal erosion risk in Wales consultation seeks views on the following four proposed objectives:

  • reducing the impacts from flooding and coastal erosion on individuals, communities and businesses;
  • raising awareness of and engaging people in the response to flood and coastal erosion risk;
  • providing an effective and sustained response to flood and coastal erosion events;
  • prioritising investment in the most at risk communities.

Charles Tucker, Chairman of the National Flood Forum said:

“ Communities and householders affected by flooding are often forgotten once the flood is over. They tend to be left to pick up the pieces and face months of trauma and disruption before they can return to their homes.

“The National Flood Forum welcomes the involvement of at- risk communities in  flood risk management. They are the real victims of flooding and it is vital that their needs are considered at every stage.”

Speaking on behalf of a community that has experienced flooding recently, Ashley Williams, Former Chair of the Glyn Taff Farm Residents Association said:

“Residents of Rhydyfelin have suffered flooding on many occasions in the past and we know that the impacts on individuals and the community can be traumatic.  

"The work that the Welsh Assembly Government is doing to address flooding is very welcome and reassures us that we are not fighting this battle on our own.    

"We have been particularly encouraged by the Assembly Government's efforts to involve the community in resolving flooding problems in our area and are very pleased that the Assembly Government is now consulting on a strategy for managing flood and coastal erosion that covers the whole of Wales."

The consultation include a series of suggested actions for the Welsh Assembly Government and risk management authorities in Wales, including the Environment Agency, local authorities, internal drainage boards and water companies.

The consultation will run from 16 July to 8 October.

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