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NHS Confederation - Reframing the reconfiguration debate – new animation sets the record straight

Explaining to the public why the NHS needs to redesign services can be tricky, but a new Confederation animation aims to 'set the record straight' and help the public, NHS and politicians have more conversations about how local services are provided.

Launched recently (7 October), the NHS Confederation's new animation illustrates why the NHS needs to adapt and what changes will mean for patient care.

Meaningful engagement

It follows a joint call by the Confederation, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and National Voices for more meaningful engagement with the public, patients, politicians and health professionals in proactive, well-planned service changes.

In June 2013, the partnership published Changing care, improving quality in June, marking the first time bodies representing all three major parts of the health service – patients, clinicians and its senior leaders – have collectively called for NHS change.

Making the case

The animation forms part of a number of resources developed by the Confederation to help NHS organisation make the case for change.

View the animation (below) and access the resources – which includes case studies of organisations that have successfully carried out changes – from our Making the case for change section.

Find out more

Find out more about reconfiguration and access a range of insightful case studies.

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