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Equality Bill completes parliamentary process

Equality Bill completes parliamentary process

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 07 April 2010

The Equality Bill last night completed the final stage of its passage through Parliament, and will now become law.

The Bill, which was first introduced to the House of Commons almost a year ago, will be sent to the Queen for Royal Assent after MPs approved amendments made by the House of Lords.

Once the Bill receives Royal Assent it will formally become an Act and be introduced to the statute book.

The provisions in the Bill will begin to take effect in the autumn.

For a full guide to the Equality Bill, visit


Please contact the Government Equalities Office press office on 0207 276 0932. Outside office hours call 07500 816 959.


Key dates in Parliamentary passage of the Equality Bill

Commons stages - First Reading: 24 April 2009
- Second Reading: 11 May 2009
- Committee Stage: 2 June 2009 to 7 July 2009
- Report Stage: 2 December 2009
- Third Reading: 2 December 2009

Lords stages - First Reading: 3 December 2009
- Second Reading: 15 December 2009
- Committee Stage: 11 January 2010 to 9 February 2010
- Report Stage: 2 March 2010
- Third Reading: 23 March 2010

Commons Consideration of Lords Amendments

- 6 April 2010

Implementation of the Bill’s provisions

- October 2010: Main provisions.

- April 2011: The integrated public sector Equality Duty, the Socio-economic Duty and dual discrimination protection.

- 2012: The ban on age discrimination in provision of goods, facilities, services and public functions.

- 2013: Private and voluntary sector gender pay transparency regulations (if required) and political parties publishing diversity data

The Government Equalities Office is responsible for the Government’s overall strategy, legislation and priorities on equality issues. It was established in July 2007. The Office also has direct responsibility for policy on gender equality, sexual orientation, and for integrating work on race.


Government Equalities Office press office
Phone: 0207 276 0932

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