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Tanker Driver Strike: Advice for motorists

Following a ballot by the union Unite, fuel tanker drivers have voted to undertake strike action.

The Government has condemned this potentially disruptive action and urged both sides to negotiate a settlement to avoid strike action.

There is currently no problem with fuel supplies. But if a strike were to go ahead, supplies of fuel to some, but not all, forecourts across the UK could be affected.

The Government is able to take a number of steps to minimise disruption, in particular to make sure the emergency services get the supplies they need.

Motorists can also help by following the following sensible advice:

  • Don’t change your purchasing behaviour, refuel as you normally would, planning ahead if you have a long journey to go on.
  • Stick to speed limits as this helps conserve fuel.
  • Don’t queue at petrol forecourts, this causes congestion and increases disruption.
  • Check travel sites and latest news before travelling.

Regular updates and the latest information will be published on DirectgovExternal link ”.

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