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Launch of Nordic-Baltic Statement

Future of wider, deeper relationships with Nordic and Baltic countries.

External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop recently launched a Nordic-Baltic Policy Statement to widen and deepen Scotland’s relationships with countries in that region.

Ms Hyslop published the statement, which is designed to build on 20 years of cooperation between Scotland and the Nordic Baltic Countries, on the second day of her visit to Helsinki.

She invited the Finnish Government to an international conference on Regional Cooperation in the Arctic in Glasgow this summer. The Conference will focus on the increasing importance of the human and sustainable community dimension to the Arctic and what this means for cooperation.

The Nordic-Baltic countries have a reputation as established leaders in maritime affairs, energy, research and innovation and social affairs – all areas where Scotland also leads the world - and there is much potential for us to work together.

The document outlines the key areas for future cooperation with each of the eight Nordic Baltic countries, ranging across a wide range of areas from energy to creative industries.

Ms Hyslop said:

“Scotland has a strong history of cooperation with the Nordic-Baltic Countries over the past twenty years.

“Today I am launching our Nordic-Baltic Policy Statement. This demonstrates the commitment felt at the highest levels of the Scottish Government to deepening and widening our relationship with these countries.

“We face many challenges and opportunities in common, and share many strengths – our maritime affairs, energy, research and innovation are areas where we all receive international recognition.

“This statement is about identifying areas where we can learn from each other and work together for all our benefits.

“The International Conference on Regional Cooperation in the Arctic is an excellent example of how we can work together, and I was delighted to invite the Finnish Government to join us in Glasgow this summer.”

Notes to editors

You can read the Nordic-Baltic Policy Statement here:


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