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Council wins Ordnance Survey innovation award

Sandwell Borough Council has scooped the Ordnance Survey award for most innovative use of geographic information.

The Council’s "Gaming the Tibby" project was honoured at the mapping agency's Local Government and Emergency Services conference, which highlights the very best uses of digital mapping data.

"Gaming the Tibby" – an interactive game designed to engage the young people of the Tibbington estate – invites players to enter a 'virtual environment'. There they can use a huge range of building tools to present their thoughts and opinions about the area’s regeneration.

The project is believed to be the first use of Ordnance Survey data to create an interactive game that represents a real geographic site. What’s more, since each player’s output directly feeds into a ‘masterplanning’ process to consider the real regeneration of the estate, it provides a direct link to decision making at the highest level.

Derek Rowley, Sandwell's Cabinet Member for Safer Communities,comments: "We’re delighted that Ordnance Survey has recognisedour work. Ordnance Survey data forms the basis of the game and helps draw young people in; they recognise their estate and that enables them to give their thoughts and opinions about regeneration, in a great fun environment."

Ian Carter, from Ordnance Survey, adds "'Gaming the Tibby' is an outstandingly successful and innovative project. Never before has computer gaming technology come together with community consultation in this way.

"The end result has helped the council to get the opinions of people who wouldn't usually speak out. Once again it demonstrates that the power of geographic information is enormous and wide ranging."

Other winners on the night included West Midlands Fire Service and Walsall Council.

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