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Implementation plan details how the Wales Fisheries Strategy will be delivered

An implementation plan detailing how the Wales Fisheries Strategy will be delivered over the next decade has been published by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The plan has been developed by the Wales Fisheries Strategy Steering Group. It builds on the Wales Fisheries Strategy, the Welsh Assembly Government’s strategy for the management and development of fisheries in Wales up to 2020, which was launched in July 2008.  

The new implementation plan identifies keys priorities and  provides all fisheries stakeholders with practical guidance that will help them to achieve the goals of the Wales Fisheries Strategy.  It also sets out a number of actions that stakeholders can take to achieve these goals and identifies a number of common issues that would benefit from a co-operative approach.

Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones said:

“The Implementation Plan is a vital tool for helping us to achieve the vision and ambitions set out in the Wales Fisheries Strategy. It has been designed so that the key issues and associated actions are clearly prioritised in order that we can make the very best use of the resources available to us.

“Importantly the plan is a working document. This means it will be reviewed regularly so that we can revise priorities and deadlines as appropriate in order to ensure that the plan remains as relevant, useful and up to date as possible.”

Fundamental priorities of the plan include; sustainable fisheries management based on long term objectives and a sound and scientifically derived knowledge, improved communication within and between sectors and the development of better representative structures for sectors.

Another key priority is securing adequate resources to carry out this work. For these reasons, the implementation plan will help assess the priority of projects taken forward under the European Fisheries Fund.

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