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Archives join forces to celebrate human rights

The Archive Awareness Campaignlaunches today, with archives across the UK planning special events to commemorate the history of human rights.

Over a hundred archives all across the UK are currently planning showcases, open days, workshops and many other activities to celebrate their holdings of original documents and tell stories of freedom to new audiences in the most inspiring ways possible.

'Freedom and Liberty'

The theme of the 2007 campaign is 'Freedom and Liberty', looking at the struggle for rights in history, including the Chartists, the Suffragettes and the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

Events for all

This year archives are reaching out to audiences of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and have teamed up with artists, theatre and community groups to help make their material more fun and accessible.

Learn about Britain´s history of gay rights activism at '1967 and all that', a travelling exhibition in archives telling the story of the decriminalisation of homosexuality

Discover the link between your region and the slave trade at talks and events such as Hertfordshire Archives´ Hidden History workshops or London Metropolitan Archives' Slave Walks

Visit the Women´s Library and find out about the unsung heroines behind feminism

For newly digitised material, look no further than The National Archives Human Rights exhibition, or the Parliamentary Archives slave trade registers

Discover the treasures of archives in 2007 and find out about events near you!

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