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New charity provides help

Fuel Our Youth will enable members of the over 60s who do not need the annual fuel allowance to donate this state benefit, and boost the younger generation’s prospects.

Fuel Our Youth is the brainchild of three over 60s. This new charity provides a way for their contempories to donate all or part of their annual Winter Fuel Allowance to provide a better future for the UK’s younger generation.

This universal state benefit is between £100 and £300 depending on age and circumstance, and many over 60s are already known to donate it to charity if they do not need help with their energy bills.

All donations to the new charity, which has already received backing from actor Robert Powell, will directly benefit youth related causes and projects across the UK.

Funds raised by Fuel Our Youth will go towards supporting young people through The Prince's Trust, and other youth charities such as Kids Company and other nationwide youth projects.

One of the three founding members of the Fuel Our Youth charity, retired solicitor Howard Zetter, said: 

"I am fortunate to have reached my senior years in a position to afford my fuel bills. This really is testament to the opportunities and guidance I was lucky enough to have been given in my own youth. Fuel Our Youth will use the money that is not needed by those like me to buy the next generation a good start in life".

He added: “We are encouraging other over 60s who can do without their allowance to donate it to a new, nationwide charity that focuses solely on encouraging the older generation to help alleviate poverty and detriment in the younger generation.”

Actor and Fuel Our Youth supporter Robert Powell, said:

"We hope that funds raised through this innovative concept will help vulnerable youngsters to get back on their feet. Maybe we can give disadvantaged young people a chance to see the kind of stability and financial security in later life that donors to the Fuel Our Youth charity enjoy".

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