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We need to keep youngsters’ instinctive love of nature alive, says Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough has warned that losing touch with nature would be ‘disastrous’ and praises those who help keep youngsters’ ‘instinctive love of the natural world alive’.

Ambassador to leading conservation charity, WWF-UK, Sir David was speaking in the week WWF launched their online nature competition, My True Nature, which aims to capture what the living world means to the UK’s 7-16 year-olds.

He said, “Over half the people in the world are living, to some degree, out of contact of with the natural world. There is a huge problem that people will get out of touch with nature and that will be disastrous.

“Children are unfailingly interested in the natural world and education is absolutely central and fundamental to keeping that interest alive.”

As part of its 50th anniversary events, WWF is inviting youngsters to take part in My True Nature. WWF’s head of schools and communities, Cherry Duggan, said: “Whether it’s a special place, a favourite season, an exciting outdoor adventure or just walking their pet dog we want young people to capture their own personal connections with nature – on camera, in words, or through art, sound or movement. “

Youngsters can submit their entries to the
wwf.org.uk/mytruenature website which also features films from WWF, interviews and a specially commissioned theme song written and performed by a young singer songwriter. Youth groups and schools can upload their entries via an exclusive secure online channel hosted by Radiowaves, which allows to take part in safe social networking activities linked to the project..

Marking 50 years of conservation, My True Nature, runs from April to September 9, and all artworks will feature on the WWF website
wwf.org.uk/mytruenature for the public to view and comment on. Prizes will awarded for some of the best artworks and a panel of judges will select the best 50 artworks to be showcased at a special WWF 50th anniversary event in November.

For further information please contact Lou Garrett or Kellie Hulbert on 01483 412397 or

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