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Parent’s guide to explain school banding published by Welsh Government

A new parent’s guide to explain exactly how school banding will work in Wales has been published by the Welsh Government.

The handy leaflet will be sent to all secondary schools in Wales in the coming weeks before details on secondary school banding are published by the Welsh Government.

The leaflet is intended to be shared with all parents to explain exactly why the Welsh Government is banding Wales’ schools and the benefits this will bring in the long term.

Education Minister Leighton Andrews said:

“It’s crucial that parents understand the important changes taking place in our education system. This leaflet explains why we are bringing in a banding system in Wales and how our schools and learners will benefit.

“I have said before that I want to see standards and performance in our education system improve across the board. Banding is at the heart of this agenda and will give us and parents a clear picture of how secondary schools in Wales are performing.

“It’s not about labelling, naming or shaming, or creating a crude league table.  It is about objectively using a range of measures to put schools into groups to identify which need our support and which we can learn from.”

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