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Scots urged to save money by going greener

A new campaign offering hard-pressed families advice on how to cut their fuel bills and help save the planet in the process was launched today.

Fronted by Mr Earth, the 'Go Greener' campaign will be using radio, tv, outdoor and online advertising to promote energy saving messages.

Launched to coincide with Energy Saving Week, it reminds people that small, simple lifestyle changes can add up to significant financial savings and safeguard the environment for future generations:

  • Switching to energy-saving lightbulbs could save the average family up to £60 a year - energy-efficient lightbulbs last around 10 times longer than normal bulbs
  • A household can save around eight per cent on fuel bills by switching appliances off at the socket instead of leaving them on stand-by
  • Fitting a full heating controls package can save up to £180 per year
  • Turning down the heating thermostat by just one degree can cut up to 10 per cent off fuel bills

The campaign follows new research from the Energy Saving Trust, which shows Scots are keen to go greener in order to save money.

Launching the campaign in Edinburgh, Environment Minister Michael Russell said:

"Unless we take decisive action to protect our environment there is every chance that rather than passing on our wonderful heritage, we will have to explain to our children why we ruined it.

Go Greener billboard poster

"Many of us have already changed our ways - recycling more, using more energy-efficient light bulbs and buying more seasonal and unpackaged produce.

"In Government we are also reducing our local and global environmental impact through tackling climate change, moving towards a zero-waste Scotland and increasing the use of renewable energy.

"The energy-saving measures and other steps we're promoting through the 'Go Greener' campaign will help us all make simple changes to the way we lead our lives. Achieving a greener Scotland depends on all of us - and will benefit us all too.

"We need everyone to get involved, so whether you are a business or an individual there are lots of ways to show your support. Go to to sign up."

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

"Today marks the start of a new drive to encourage more Scottish households and businesses to reduce their energy use and save money through our 'Go Greener' campaign.

"These are clearly tough times, and becoming more green will benefit our wallets as well as our world. The average household could save up to £340 a year just by taking some simple energy efficiency steps.

"Our six-point plan for the Scottish economy includes helping households experiencing difficulties in the current economic climate. We are determined to improve energy efficiency in homes, do more to tackle fuel poverty and offer better financial advice to vulnerable households.

"Our new campaign features simple, helpful advice on how to save money and do your bit to reduce our impact on the planet. We owe it to future generations to take action now."

Harry Mayers, Head of Programme Delivery at the Energy Saving Trust (Scotland), explained:

"These are just a few simple steps we could all fit into our daily life which will make noticeable savings on our annual fuel bills and help protect the environment.

"Simple things such as turning down the thermostat one degree and washing clothes at 30oC instead of a higher temperature will cut down on the amount of energy used.

"Also, hanging clothes up to dry costs nothing and is much better for the environment than using a tumble dryer, which costs a lot to run. An added bonus is that clothes will last longer - the lifespan of elastic and many synthetics is drastically reduced by tumble drying."

Jim Paterson, Sales and Marketing Director at ScottishPower, who are actively supporting the new campaign, said:

"ScottishPower is committed to helping customers get the best out of energy use and as such, fully supports the efforts of the Scottish Government's Go Greener campaign.

"We are all looking for ways to save money on energy bills and by taking simple steps, households can make substantial savings as well as making their homes more comfortable whilst doing their bit to protect our environment.

"As a leading developer and operator of wind farms, ScottishPower is committed to promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency."

Taking action to reduce energy and help cut fuel bills by installing energy-saving lightbulbs and not leaving devices on standby are two simple yet effective actions the Scottish Government is promoting as part of its 'Go Greener' campaign.

To sign up to the ten steps or for more energy saving tips, please visit

A number of major businesses and organisations have already signed up to the Scottish Government's 'Go Greener' campaign. Those supporting the campaign include ScottishPower, Ecover, Gleneagles Hotel, Lonely Planet and Trevor Baylis, Local Authorites, schools, universities, colleges and shopping centres.

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