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MPs consider how Wales will be affected by Government proposals

A Report from the Welsh Affairs Committee sconsiders the impact of the Government’s proposals to reduce the number of MPs and equalise constituencies.

These proposals would see Wales lose ten of its forty parliamentary seats, a reduction of 25%. This would be a profound change to the way Wales is represented in Parliament, the Report concludes. 

While the committee agrees with the principle that all votes should have equal weighting, redrawing constituencies based on an electoral quota should not be the only determining factor, the Report says.

The unique position of Wales in terms of its geography, culture and history has long been recognised in its Westminster constituencies, and the committee advocates that this should continue.

The Chair of the Welsh Affairs Committee, David T.C. Davies MP, said:

“By any yardstick, the Government’s proposals for constitutional reform would represent a profound change to the way that Wales is represented at Westminster.

 I am pleased that the Committee agreed unanimously our first report of the new parliament and in doing so highlighted a number of concerns about the legislation.

 We are concerned that the aspects of the Bill which particularly relate to Wales have not received as full scrutiny as they should. Ministers now have the opportunity to address our concerns before the Bill completes its passage in the Commons.” 

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