Food Standards Agency
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Guidance on the moratorium on desinewed meat

The Agency has published guidance to help meat processors comply with the moratorium on the production of 'desinewed meat' (DSM) from cattle, sheep and goat bones, which applies from 28 April 2012.

This follows advice from the European Commission that DSM produced by mechanically separating residual meat from animal bones must be regarded as Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM), a product that cannot, under the provisions of European law, be produced from cattle, sheep and goat bones.

This guidance is in addition to the original announcement that was made on 4 April 2012. The original news story and the guidance can be found at the links below. The Agency will be publishing further guidance next month to assist meat producers with the changes related to DSM production from pig bones and poultry carcasses. These will apply from 26 May.

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