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Take your mum for a walk this Mother’s Day…it’s what she really wants!

Celebrities shunned in favour of mums!

Ordnance Survey is urging children to take their mums for a walk this Mother’s Day.

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Ordnance Survey is urging children to take their mums for a walk this Mother’s Day, following a survey showing that family members are the perfect partner for an afternoon walk.

Beating celebrities and historical figures, family members topped the list of people who would be considered as the ideal partner for an afternoon walk, with many mums listing their children and children listing parents as the person they would most like to go for a walk with.

A survey conducted by Ordnance Survey as part of its work with Fitter Families, the organisation set up to promote simple, achievable and sustainable changes of lifestyle for children and their families in order to improve health and fitness, found that 66% of participants wanted to take family members or friends for a walk.

Ordnance Survey spokesperson Melanie Osborne said, “Walking is excellent exercise and the health benefits are hard to beat. It’s a simple and low-cost exercise that has a multitude of benefits, from improving health to reducing stress. We expected this research to show that people wanted to go for a walk with celebrities, but were delighted at the volume of responses showing that people would rather go for a walk with their mums, especially given that Mother’s Day is around the corner.”

So, this Mother’s Day show how much you love your mum by taking her out for a stroll.

Ordnance Survey maps can show walkers new routes and help find areas which they haven’t explored. People are often surprised at the range of places to go and explore when they look at a map – a map can be the basis for many cheap, family days out. 

For ideas on where to take your mum for a walk, visit the Ordnance Survey website at http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/explore, where users have created and shared their favourite routes. There are over 400 walks of various lengths and difficulty across the country, so there’s bound to be one to suit every family.

Notes for editors

Ordnance Survey survey carried out at Fitter Families roadshow in Croydon on 28 February 2009.

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