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Consultation begins on actions to drive up literacy and numeracy standards

A consultation on new measures to improve literacy and numeracy standards in our schools began yesterday.

The consultation, which will run between 11th June and 12th October, is seeking views on the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) and National Reading and Numeracy tests, both key elements of Wales’ National Literacy Programme.

The LNF, which will become a statutory curriculum requirement in September 2013, will support curriculum planning and also help teachers to monitor pupils’ progress in literacy and numeracy against clear annual expectations for all learners aged 5 to 14.

The Framework is intended to help schools identify how best to challenge and support all of their learners, while giving teachers, parents and carers a clearer and more consistent picture of a pupil’s progress and ability.

Primary and secondary schools will use the Framework as a curriculum planning tool, embedding the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills into all subjects rather than English, Welsh and Maths lessons alone.

Alongside the LNF reading and numeracy tests are being introduced . All learners in Years 2 to 9, or aged 7 to 14, in maintained schools in Wales will be required to take both tests which will be available in both English and Welsh.

At present, most schools in Wales use reading tests and many use some form of maths or numeracy testing. The new tests will introduce a consistent approach to testing and provide a more accurate reflection of pupils’ abilities and progress.

Education Minister, Leighton Andrews said:

“Nothing is more important than ensuring all of our young people have the skills they need to read, write and communicate.

“The challenges ahead of us are very clear. It is vital that we see a step change in literacy and numeracy standards.

“Everyone involved in a child’s education should have the opportunity to have their say on the new Framework and the national reading and numeracy tests.

“The Framework will help us improve the way we monitor and assess’ pupils’ progress whilst also ensuring that there is sufficient challenge and support for all learners.

“The reading and numeracy tests will support the Framework by providing a reliable, valid and consistent form of assessment that gives a much clearer picture of a pupil’s ability in literacy and numeracy.

“I welcome all constructive views and feedback before we introduce these measures on a statutory basis next year.”

Following consultation, the Literacy and Numeracy Framework will be launched in January 2013 and will become a statutory curriculum requirement from September 2013. Reading and numeracy tests will be introduced on a statutory basis in May 2013.

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