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New approach sets out clear goals for regulators

Priority Regulatory Outcomes, a new approach towards refreshing the national enforcement priorities for England, has been launched by LBRO.

These priorities describe the outcomes that matter to citizens and business and help ensure that regulation is focused on delivering prosperity and protection.

The final report, including the new priorities and information on using the priorities, can be found on the LBRO website (

The priorities are to:

  • Support economic growth, especially in small businesses, by ensuring a fair, responsible and competitive trading environment
  • Protect the environment for future generations including tackling the threats and impacts of climate change
  • Improve quality of life and wellbeing by ensuring clean and safe neighbourhoods
  • Help people to live healthier lives by preventing ill health and harm and promoting public health
  • Ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable food chain for the benefits of consumers and the rural economy

LBRO Chief Executive Graham Russell said: "These priority regulatory outcomes set out what local and central government wants to achieve: regulation that both supports prosperity and delivers necessary protection.

"It's a new approach that addresses the current challenges - the need for national consistency and local presence, whilst addressing the issue of constrained resources.

"Priority regulatory outcomes replace narrower national enforcement priorities, and provide clarity about what the public and business want regulation to achieve. They ensure that regulatory activity is focused on delivering outcomes rather than ‘ticking boxes' or meeting centrally driven targets.

"These outcomes, drafted through a collaborative approach between local and national partners, are a key part of creating the conditions needed to ensure effective local delivery."

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