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Police and Crime Commissioners call for a consistent approach to future elections

41 Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) were elected across England and Wales on the 15th November 2012. The Electoral Commission monitored candidates' spending during the regulated period of campaign expenditure which started on the 8th October and lasted until polling day. Candidates spent a total of 2.1 million in reported spending over the regulated period. Electoral Commission analysis of spending returns shows that candidate spending in all police force areas was far lower than the maximum allowed.

Commenting on the Electoral Commission report, Tony Lloyd, Chairman of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners said;

"Police and Crime Commissioner elections should be consistent with elections for other elected representatives. The public get free information about candidates in Parliamentary, Mayoral and European elections - why should they not receive the same for the next PCC polls?"

"Elections are integral to democracy. Whilst public funding for elections may not be popular a relatively small sum of state support could increase public awareness of all future potential candidates and help strengthen the links between the public and the police.  A free mailshot for instance could help to raise public awareness."

"I also welcome the Electoral Commission's two recommendations to begin work on improving the reporting and transparency of future Police and Crime Commissioners elections."

"The Electoral Commission has said that the Government should set out future assumptions on spending limits for the next PCC elections by November 2014. I look forward to working with the Electoral Commission and Government to ensure future spending limits are appropriate."

"The Electoral Commission is right to say that Police Area Returning Officers should be able to publish candidate spending returns online to increase transparency."  


Notes to Editors

The Electoral Commission report on PCC elections spending is
available from their web site:

Notes to Editors - PCCs and the APCC

1. For interviews / further information please contact Joel Charles on 07703 124 174.

2. 41 Police and Crime Commissioners replaced Police Authorities on 22.11.12 following elections in every police force area outside London in England and Wales on November 15th 2012.

3. The APCC is a company limited by guarantee. The APCC services are overseen and directed by the Chairman and Board of Directors

APCC Board of Directors;
Chairman of the APCC and Directors: Tony Lloyd PCC
Sir Graham Bright PCC
Anthony Stansfeld PCC
Vera Baird PCC
Ron Ball PCC
Simon Hayes PCC
Cllr Simon Duckworth

4. For the definitive list of PCCs and more information about the Board of the Association of PCCs please visit

5. The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) offers the following services to PCCs:

  • Information on national policing policy issues and legislation.
  • Consults PCCs to enable them to develop policy positions and to influence change.
  • Facilitates the leadership of PCCs on national governance structures such as the College of Policing, National Crime Agency and Police Professional Bodies.
  • Assists PCCs in collaborating to share practice, procure services, and identify ways to achieve efficiencies through working together.

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